Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Favorites: Riding Boots

Brown Leather Riding Boots - Enzo Angiolini, $179.95

With only a few weeks left of summer, fall is fast approaching.  One timeless trend that reappears every year is the leather boot.  They are found is an assortment of browns and blacks, and I even saw a few neutral colored ones last fall!  I just bought myself a new pair of leather boots when I took advantage of Nordstrom's annual Anniversary Sale.  Actually, they're the Enzo Angiolini ones pictured above!  Because it's so hot outside right now, I haven't had a chance to debut my boots to the outside world, but I've worn them in my house a bunch of times to get them broken in!  I love dark brown shoes in general because they seem to go with everything, from jeans and leggings to even skirts and dresses.  I can't wait to wear my boots all over the autumn leaf ground in about a month!

Here are some other boot styles that are perfect for fall:

 Tan Leather Boots - Coach, $397.95 
(I tried these on; they're super comfortable!)

Brown Leather Boots - Vince Camuto, $258.95

And last, but certainly not least, are my celebrity-inspired boots.  Kate Middleton's classy style never ceases to amaze me, so here are two styles of boots that she has worn that are perfect for fall!  Aside from boots, I also love her outfits!

xoxo Kasia

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  1. These are beautiful and I like riding boots to be fitted in the shaft.I like the height a lot.How comfortable is it? I guess if it's really comfy then I guess I dont mind spending a lil more but can get good use out of it.

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